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Pictured below are some of the
faces that Maureen has embellished. 
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embellished wall face #1 embellished wall face #2 embellished wall face #3 embellished wall face #4 embellished wall face #5

More about our  What a Character Wall Faces 
white wall face example
If you've been to Maureen's in Jordan, MN, you've seen her wall faces hanging on the fence behind the Center for Creative Arts.  Now, you can enjoy original wall faces created by Maureen - and you!.  

We call these Wall Faces because they are big, approx. 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches.  They are designed to hang on your wall, outdoors in your flower garden, patio, on a fence, or just about anywhere you can find a nail.

The original is sculpted from polymer clay. Then, from a rubber mold, Dan pours the face using an AMACO product called Crea-stone.  The faces are light weight (1-2 lbs each) and can be stained, or roughened up with a wire brush or knife.  The rough surface gives a stone look to the faces. A wire loop is added to the back for hanging.  You could hang it just the way it is, or you could use a water based stain and add more color.  The wired version comes with a circled wire that is embedded into the back of the face.

Choose the version with the attached wire, then add one or more of the following:

  • Polymer Clay

  • Shaped Wires

  • Metal Mesh

  • Fibers

  • Found Objects

  • Paper (for inside use)

  • Apoxie Sculpt

  • Air-dry Clays (for inside use)

  • Driftwood, Beach Glass, Shells, etc.

  • Genesis Artist Colors, Acrylic Paint, Spray Paints, etc.

For special orders, i.e.; a different colored stain, extra wire or a smoother look, please
ail or call Dan.  Maureen will not be taking special orders for sculpting wall faces,
although she would love to have ideas for future wall faces. 

Note: Actual color and texture of the wall faces may vary slightly from the pictures displayed.

Order Listing with pictures