Susy - Description

This little girl, whom I call Suzy, is pictured on the cover of How to Make
Clay Characters, which is my best-selling polymer clay book to date.  The
book, published in 1997, has sold more than 116,000 copies world wide.

As pictured on the cover, she is holding a yellow flower.  When she came
back to me from the 1996 photo shoot for the book, her flower had broken, so
a number of years ago I replaced her flower with this pink one.  She must
have liked it, because this one has held up very well.

She is made entirely of colored polymer clay, with painted eyes.  She is 5
inches tall and 3 inches wide, and comes with the pile of blocks.  She is
not one of the actual projects in the book, but is a close kin of Sweet
Suzette, whose project begins on page 32.

This exact character will never be created again, for the sparkle in her
eyes belongs to her alone.  I hope you enjoy her!