Zachary Alexander (p112) Dessie Rosalia (p107) Daphne Anne (p110) Jay Otis Will (p106) Amsy Eileen (p127) Taking Time for Friends (p303) Tyler Eugene (p128) Eliza Madeline (p129) Lilah Pearl (p114) Kathryn Ophelia (p102) Burdie James (p124) Twylah Jean (p101) Leticia Elizabeth (p104) Alida Ruth (p111) Hawthorne Pete (p108) Peterjon Thomas (p103) Nellie Michelle (p113) Gertrude Gretchen (p105) Heather Azelle (p116) Phoebe Grace (p119) Owen Arlie McDaid (p115) Alfie Leander (p109) Tobie Kyle (p126) Elliott McFee (p117) Hattie Marie (p122) Parsley Scott (p120) Petunia Nelle (p123) Sharing Secrets (p301) Winnie Viola (p118) Hide 'n go Seek  (p302) Opal Veronica (p132) Frannie Jane (p131) Mille Roseanna (p133) Effie Lu (p121) Kenzie Leanne (p130)

Pippsywoggins® are "Little Friends ... From the Edge of Imagination."®  These 4" to 6" inch tall wee folk dwell just outside human civilization.  They are not often seen by human beings, but can sometimes be found at the edge of the woods, or near the line where mowed lawn turns into meadow.  Through a chance meeting, they struck up a friendship with artist and storyteller Maureen Carlson, and agreed to share some of their stories, as well as to pose for a line of collectible figurines, which, of course, are called Pippsywoggins.  The photo below shows all of the Pip sculptures that Maureen has created to date, though some pieces are sold out.  To find out more, read the Pip stories, beginning with that of Gertrude Gretchen, p105, who is the spokeswoggin.


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