Lyrics of Your only one

I get a pleasant easy feeling
When I call you on the phone
There's never a busy signal
cause you're sitting there all alone

I'm having beautiful, wonderous visions
And you're in every one
I know I'm not going to find you
Sitting there with another one

You say you don't want it to end
And that you like my kind of fun
I love the way you tell me
You never treat me like I'm dumb

I put one and one together
You know that's an even sum
And I don't have to worry
You going out with another one

I'm sitting out here delighted
Remembering just what I done
I can hear sweet music playing
As I shade my eyes from the Sun

I feel like I've been running
My hearts beating like a drum
This happens every time you tell me
That I'm your only one

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