Lyrics of The Backwards Song

When I was just a lad, when I was just a boy
I had nothing to play with not one single toy
But when I found a shovel and I dug a hole and then
When I could dig no further I would fill it back up again

Sometimes I go walking backwards walking backwards in a crowd
Most folks keep their comments in while others talk out loud
Hey what are you doing and why are you acting so darn dumb
I tell them this is what I do when I'm having fun

Sometimes I walk up the escalator, the one that's going down
I get a lot of funny looks and I get a lot of frowns
To me this is so much fun I could do it all day long
And I meet a lot of people a lot of people on the way down

I like riding backwards on my old bicycle
Sitting on the handle bars my water bottle always full
A lot of people stare, but a lot of them grin
Cause I don't care where I'm going.....only where I've been

Well something really funny happened just the other day
As I was walking backwards through a crowd on my merry way
A thousand people stopped and told me
We all want to be like you
Then all at once they started walking
Walking backwards too

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