Lyrics of Sharing Sweat

Coming around the bend,
her mane floating in the wind.
She gallops down the trail
while searching for a young young male.
Searching for a young male.

She suddenly slows her gait
thinking this one might be her mate.
He stares at her from a distance,
just checking her out for any resistance.
Is she interested? Is she interested in me?

He moves toward her with caution.
being careful not to scare her away.
As he moves closer and closer, she suddenly looks away.
Oh well, he thinks. There's always another day.
Yes, there's always, there's always another day.

But as soon as he thinks he's lost her
she again glances back his way.
She flashes her teeth with a big sexy smile,
all with a flirting, flirting sway.
Oh, she knows how to get her way.

He picks up the hint and moves toward her again.
He just might have a chance after all.
Now they're touching as if they've known each other forever.
Sharing each other's sweat as they run off together.

Oh, the bliss, the bliss of it all.

2018 Dan Carlson.  All rights reserved.
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