I wasn't born in the city
I was born on a farm
I fix anything and make it look pretty
Sometimes with just one arm

My friends all say I'm crazy
They say I'm a crazy fool
But I'm having fun
by getting things done
Doing it all Old Old School

Taking care of of our old one room house
and cleaning out the barn
Making it all look so easy
Making it look like a charm

No town for miles around
I have to make my own tools
I learned from other guys
Who have spent there lives
Doing what they call Old School

Never had much education
Never made it past third grade
It really held me back
Never had a job that paid

It turned out to be a blessing
A blessing in disguise
Had to depend upon myself
It made me more the wise

But my friends still say I'm crazy
I'm crazy as a loon
Here comes Old School they say
Right out of a cartoon

Been sitting down by the river
My old fishing pole in my hand
Trying to catch my dinner
Been a living off the land

Trying to catch a nice big fish
A big one if I can
And when I do I'm telling you
I'm gonna fry em up in my pan

Gonna use a pinch of pepper
Gonna use a pinch of salt
And if it don't taste right
On the very first bite
I'll tell you
It ain't my fault. It ain't my fault.

Gonna use a big old rock for a table, if you're able.
And a big old log for a stool. That'l work too.

That's how it's done
Cause I'm the one
The one they call Old Old School

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