Mystery Lady

Like a picture post card she sits in her chair
Sound asleep, her mind off somewhere
Flying so high to some far off land
and when she awakes she knows that she can

In control of her fantasy world
Fantasies that started
When she was just a girl
Going and coming
and going again
and making a scrap book
of all the places she's been

Her friends find this intriguing
They can see no wrong
Except for the fact
they're never invited along

They find it strange
that they she would skip
and jet off with others
on her next trip

They mentioned it sometimes
But all she would say
Some day we will all be together
Together someday

Oh Mysterious Lady, even as you sleep
Your mystery becomes
ever more so deep
Can you give a hint
of what this is about
Why some friends are "in"
While others are out

Back at the Airport...Yes that time again
It was either Africa, or maybe Berlin
Her friends lined up with her
all in a row
everyone excited, excited to go

Grabbing her luggage, thank you she said
words so stoic, coming straight from her head
The sound of her voice, the look in her eyes
Is it sincere or just a disguise

Oh Oh Oh Mystery Lady while you sleep
Your mystery gets deeper
ever more so deep
Throw me a bone
What is this all about????
Why some folks are in
and I'm always out..........

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