You know you have been my shelter
since the day I was born.
You have served me well
and like me you're getting worn.

All those Christmas's and birthdays
and there were quite a few.
Memories of wife and children
who lived here, lived here, too.

I'm getting older, so I have been told
Now what am I supposed to do?
After long denying this problem
my future's over due.

I'm getting tired and getting frail.
I don't want to be a burden.
Change will wash over me.
That I can be certain.

It will be easier
having a smaller back yard.
But the thought of leaving you my friend,
I'm finding to be hard.

Memories are all I have left
If my mind doesn't stray.
Packing them into boxes
It makes me want to stay.

Oh, to be young again
and go back to yesterday.
Wish I could find that special button
that's clearly marked replay.

As the snow tapped against my window
I said to my lovely wife,
If you think about it, it's a gentle reminder.
We're in the winter of our life.

This decision is hard!
I said with a frown..
moving off this, my beloved place.

It's the hardest thing I will ever do.
Looking back thru the rear view mirror
at you.

  2015 Dan Carlson & Bruce Coghill
Feel free to copy and distribute the song and lyrics above.
But mass marketing or selling for profit is strictly prohibited without expressed written