Lyrics of Lost and Found

Like flowers blooming in the winter
we reached up through the snow.
The more we helped each other
the more our love did grow.

Like seeds planted in the darkness
then forgotten and left behind.
Only helped us to find each other.
And each other we did find

Our eyes were open to the sun
in a far off wonderland.
Our world had just begun
exploring life hand in hand.

We ran through the summer fields
between the earth and the sky.
Little did we realize
we were flying, you and I.

Like the sunrise over the mountain
like birds we had to be free.
And the part that was a part of you
soon became a part of me.

But you were locked inside your secrets
as you sadly called out my name.
You told me you had lost the key
and you were the only one to blame.

Then suddenly she stood up, and started walking towards the door.
She said that she needed some things and she was going to the store.
And as I was looking at her back
she turned her head and said to me,
"Could you please, please do me a favor and water the Bonsai tree"?

In the mirror I had seen the writing, the writing on the wall.
My life started crashing to the ground just like a waterfall.
The summer sun is fading as the year is getting older.
And the fact that she's not here
will make the winter feel much colder.

Last night as I walked across a bridge, over a line of many cars,
I stopped for a moment just to gaze up at the stars.
I could feel her spirit standing, standing by my side.
The feeling was so intense, she wasn't trying to hide.
And as a gentle breeze blew
It whispered in my ear.
Though I may have left you
I have always, always been here.
I have always been here.

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