The last laugh Lyrics

Every now and then I look back
At how I've paid my dues
All the mistakes that I've made
That caused me all those blues

But you know....It doesn't matter
All the trouble I've been through
And I'm having the last laugh
I ended up with you

I would listen to your troubles
When you were on the brink
Help you through your heartaches
Even taught you how to think

You set my heart on fire
You set my soul free
You could move mountains
And you always moved me

Now love don't come easy
And trust is hard to find
But I knew I found them both
When you told me you were mine

All the wrong turns that I've taken
Every dead end I've come to
None of it really matters
cause I've ended up with you

(Short Musical Interlude)

Now we're both looking back
At how we paid our dues
All the mistakes that we made
That caused us all our blues

But now it doesn't matter
And we know it's true
And we're both having the last laugh
cause I ended up with you

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