Kurt Lyrics

He was a free spirit
In every way.
He lived the way he wanted
each and every day.

Tormented by demons
he never quite got over.
The passing of his father
when he was a bit older.

He lived his whole life
where he grew up.
But recently moved
in a quest for something better.

He ended up
in assisted living housing.
He never married
and thus had no family.

Somber we rode
as we made our way.
The sunny sky turned cloudy
on that November day.

That evening only added,
added to the gloom
as we watched it snow
from our motel room.

Knowing the next day
held a difficult task.
Rescuing his memory
and covering his past.

For now Kurt is free
and in a glorious place
And he sees the smile
on God's gracious face.

Never again
should you have to roam
Because, my son,
you have finally come home.

2013 Dan Carlson and Bruce Coghill
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