Lyrics of It's time to move on

You looked at me and asked what the heck I was thinking of
So I answered you back with an "I don't know and a just because"
Because lately my get up and go needs a big shove
I don't feel the love
I guess it's time to move on

Just sitting on my porch steps on a summers day
Counting all the cars that pass by my way
Or counting clouds up in the sky as I lie on my lawn
My ambitions gone

I was asked to give up the hand of the girl I love
She told me I'm not the man she feels worthy of
And who am I to tell her who to love
That's really up to her and the Lord above

Now I can't say I blame her for leaving me
I try to accept the fact she just wants to be free
But in my heart I'm never ever going to let her go
Cause I still love her so
It's time, it's time to move on

I've got to move on
I've got to move on
It's time to move on

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