Lyrics of Ghost

My Goodness!
Hello my old friend
It's so good to see you at my door again's been a while
How long has it been
Well don't just stand there
Come on in. Please come in
and make yourself comfortable.

Go ahead and pull up a chair
And toss your coat right over there
Please excuse me if I forgot how to think
Are you hungry, do you want something to drink

I've heard folks telling stories
in this old town.
How they have seen you,
shadowless, walking around.

Some say you came on the midnight train
and wondering how you stayed dry in the pouring rain.
Begging for hand outs long after dark
And sleeping on newspapers at the city park

Yes....I've been good and you look well
And I know we both have stories to tell
Yours so new and always refreshing
and I bet you have couple that will keep me guessing.

We spent that day just having a blast
Reliving stories from our past
Rectifying our miss-spent youth
blending fiction with the truth

(Musical interlude then narrate)

As the Church tower struck midnight
He began to rise real slow
And a voice that was not his, said:
It's time. It's time for me to go, my good old friend.
And it sure was good, so good to see you again.

Then like a ghost
He floated across my floor
And vanished through the key hole
In my old kitchen door

I stood there motionless
thinking to myself and whispering:
Have a good journey and please come back again.

Now it's been nine years, maybe ten
And I've never once seen him,
my old friend, again.

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