Lyrics of Every Day Blues

"Well"- Well you know
I've always worked hard so hard
Just because
Trying to make ends meet
Like everyone does

Paying attention
Following the rules
But yet I still get
Those everyday blues
(Yes I do)

No money left over
Because it's always spent
After paying the bills
After paying the rent

Paying the man
Paying my dues
Always gives me
Those everyday blues
(Yes it does)

I went to my Brother
To ask for a loan
I knocked on his door
But he wasn't home
(No he wasn't)

A week later I saw him
And said what I wanted to do
He told me he wanted to ask me
Ask me the same thing too

We started laughing
Laughing like fools
Laughing away
Those old everyday blues
(Yes we did)

We always felt lucky (Yes we did)
For the life we chose
We never went hungry
We never froze

Every two years
A new pair of shoes
But along with it came
Those everyday blues

Well well well there's never any money left over
You know it's always spent
After paying our bills
After paying our rent
Paying the man
Paying our dues
We just can't avoid
Those old everyday blues

(Musical Interlude)

It's 5 a.m. in the winter
Outside it's still dark
My old dog wakes me every morning
With just one happy bark

Let's "Go" he's saying
With that look on his face
Let's go for a walk let's get out of this place

Scratching his head
As I put on my shoes
He helps me deal with those
Those nasty old everyday blues
(Yes he does)

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