Lyrics of Consequences

Hello, hello everyone. Can I have your attention?
I just want to tell you that there comes a time when.

we have to take hold of our senses.
Stand up tall and face, face our consequences
I've been there before. I know you have too
Consequences from all, all that we do

You know when you been lying
You know when you been true
The decisions you make
Will all come back to you

Decisions, decisions
For all that we choose
What's really important in life
What can we afford to lose

Be truthful with ourself
We don't have to lie
To face our consequences
with no alibi.

We all feel those consequences
from all the things that we do
We know when we have been lying
We know when we have been true

The chances we take
There are quite a few
Will come back to haunt us
They will come back at you I'm feeling those consequences
For all the things that I have done
Some good, some bad
Some were just for fun

There's two sides to every decision
There's two sides to every coin
The decisions I make may come back someday
And kick me in the groin

Don't say I didn't tell you
There ain't nothing I can do
Everyone has to face their own consequences
For everything they do

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