Lyrics of Blues on my shoulder

I got the blues yes I do, yes I do
Got them on my shoulder
They're crushing my brittle bones, yes they are.
Like I'm under a big boulder

Losing you, to me just proves
Proves to me I got the blues
And losing you was hard to bear
I still remember you standing there

I begged for your mercy. You know I was in pain.
But you didn't even hear me. You'd forgotten my name
When you left you tore me apart
You took my soul you took my heart

You took the wheels right off of my cart. Yes you did
Now my life feels so dam empty. And that's no lie
Gotta fill the space.
I gotta give it a try

Gotta chase those old blues away.
Gotta get them off of my shoulder
They're getting really heavy
And I'm getting much older

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