Lyrics of Back Together Blues

Well we done every thing to try and get along
and I'm not really sure how it all went wrong
I'm sick of trying,gonna leave you alone
Gonna hop in my truck and head for home

You can count the days that I'm gone
and I'll count the days before you phone
I'll make a bet I know will pay
That you will want me back your way

But for now you are out of luck
Gazing at the back of my old pick up truck
As it heads down the road just a kicking up dust

(Country Music Interlude Here)

Well we had a good plan. A plan to get along.
But we blamed each other when it went wrong
Everybody's a dreamer
Everybody's a star
And we gotta figure out just who we are

Now I really really want you. I want you around.
Would you sit with me and watch the Sun go down

And I really really don't want. I don't want to be alone.
Gonna put you in my truck and take you home
I'm definately gonna put you in my truck and take you back home

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