Babbling brook blues

I got the babbling brook blues (yes I do)
I got the babbling brook blues, but....

There's this place, a place I know
Where I can always go to take life slow
It's not a river oh no no no
It's just a little stream, ya know

A place so quiet I can close my eyes
And dream sweet dreams under October skies
The air so crisp and oh so clean
The trees are no longer no longer green

Some times I take a folding chair
To sit and dream without a care
Resting my fiddle on my knee
The babbling brook whispers whispers to me

Hello hello hello my friend
And welcome welcome back again

Deep in thought as I listen
While watching watching the water glisten
Now I don't want to start a ruse oh no no no
But I got those babbling babbling brook blues

This peaceful place that I know
When I need to take life slow
It's not a river oh no no no
It's just a little stream, ya know

A place I know where I can find
A way to restore my peace of mind
I don't need a number or stand in line
And I can come and go all the time


Then one day while sitting under a maple tree
The babbling brook whispered whispered to me
To this day this day yet
These words I will never forget

Mysterious but strangely pure
The meaning of which I shall never be sure

"An empty heart is an empty life
And reality cuts so deep just like a knife
And you may be right
But you could be wrong
When you're the singer
But not the song"

Now I'm not asking to be excused oh no no no
But I got a bad case of the babbling babbling babbling
Babbling Brook Blues oh oh oh oh oh ya........

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