Lyrics of Analyzed

Doctor, I have brought the one in to be analyzed that you requested.
Good. Let us begin shall we. Untie him and let him get used to his surroundings.
By the way, you said you found him where?
He was just out side my door, with a blank stare.
He seemed alright though his face was red
I will never forget the words he said

"My wife is gone she travels a lot
Does it it make me resentful
Well maybe somewhat
But that's not the problem
At least I think its not
After thinking it over
This is what I got

Now don't be alarmed I was just out for a walk
Just wanted someone to sit down and talk
Then I spotted your address
Three four five South Happiness

I spend a lot of time at home alone
I spend a lot of time writing poems
My mind starts to race like my old motor scooter
As I sit writing on my wife's old computer

Ideas flowing into my head
from the time I get up til I go back to bed"
Putting into words the way I feel
Hope it sounds like the real deal

Then Doc, he started to stumble
then I heard him mumble and grumble
That's when I started to realize
I'm bringing him in
For You to analyze.

I tied his hands, I tied his feet
Then strapped him into my old car seat
Then before we were out of town
I slipped him something
to calm him down

He was so quiet I thought he was dead
As he lie there, his eyes way back in his head
His lips began to tremble, this is what he said

I miss you
You know
Your mind
You set me free
Good times gone
Faded memories

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