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If you have a request for on-line instructions from Maureen please send us email and we will put your request on our on-line videos-to-do list.  Also we would very much want to know your opinions of the videos after you have watched them.

Check out our free how-to videos on YouTube.

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Updated and Reissued!

We’ve updated 4 of our original polymer clay how-to videos and reissued them as DVDs.  The first one, Mug Dwellers and Wee Folk, was first published in 1989.  A lot has changed since then including us, which you’ll see in this video clip, but a lot has stayed the same.  We’ve added inserts to update some of the technical info, but Maureen’s basic how-to steps have stood the test of time.  We recommend videos 1,2, and 5  as a set to get the most benefit from Maureen's character sculpting procedures.  Add in the pfdvd video and you have given yourself hours of fun.

So it is with enthusiasm, laughter and love of creativity that we offer our work to a new generation of clay folk.  Enjoy!


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(DVD preview) Mug Dwellers and Wee Folk, by Maureen Carlson $16.00 each or mix/match 2 or more of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 eachvol-1
This is an updated, re-issued version of our original (vhs) 1989 sculpting video.



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(DVD preview) Faces, Faces, Faces, by Maureen Carlson $16.00 each or mix/match 2 or more of any of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 each.
vol2aThis is an updated, re-issued version of our original (vhs) 1991 face sculpting video.





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(DVD preview) Gingerbread House and Christmas Ornaments, by Maureen Carlson $16.00 each or mix/match 2 or more of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 each. vol-4
This is an updated, re-issued version of our original (vhs) 1991 gingerbread sculpting video.


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(DVD preview) St. Nicholas, by Maureen Carlson $16.00 each or mix/match 2 or more of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 each.
This is an updated, re-issued version ofvol-5 our original (vhs) 1991 Santa Clause sculpting video.




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(DVD preview) Puzzle-Face Push Molds instructional video by Maureen Carlson (54 min.) $16.00 or mix/match 2 or more of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 each. 

Want a deal? 4 Puzzle face molds + pfdvd (click here)



Purchase our new
Puzzle-Face Push Molds

In this video Maureen uses her rubber push molds to show you how to form the basic shapes that make up a face. Using polymer clay, or any other medium that can be used with a rubber mold, she uses this tool to put the pieces together, like pieces of a puzzle, to complete the basic face structure.

Because it is easy to change the exact size and shape of each piece, she shows you how to to create characters that are unique and one-of-a-kind. It's a great educational tool to actually see how a face is put together, and in the right proportions.

Using the same size of faces of the different puzzle molds that Maureen has created, she demonstrates how fun it is to interchange the face pieces to design all kinds of wonderful looks. We hope you have fun with our one-of-a-kind Puzzle-Face™ push molds.

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(DVD preview) Magical, Marvelous, Masks for Fairies, Gnomes, & Trolls by Maureen Carlson (88 min.) $16.00 each or mix/match 2 or more of any of our 6 dvd's for $14.00 each.
dvd pic

You'll learn to make masks from both push molds and original one-of-a-kind sculptures.  This part of the DVD should be especially helpful to those of you who are learning to sculpt faces.  Follow me in close-up video to see the step by step process of making realistic faces.

If you enjoyed the book, Fairies, Gnomes and Trolls, then we think you'll love this DVD.  It's a fun 88 minutes which includes visits with the characters from the book, a peak behind their masks to see who's hiding there, a short story about Elizabeth/Lize and her special mask, plus instruction on making an extra hat for Magical, Mischievous Marvin (page 103 in the book)After all, real characters, even little clay ones, need to change their hats on occasion. Interactive play - even for adult sculptors - makes the art of creating clay characters just that much more fun!
A bonus at the end of the instructional DVD is a copy of A Road Trip to Maureen's", an inside look into Maureen Carlson's Center for Creative Arts in Jordan, MN.

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Santa Play Shop online class by Maureen Carlson.
7 videos may be viewed online at Vimeo.com. $39.00 for the class.
We will email you with instructions to access our PDF files and FAQ.

Santa Play Shop dvds by Maureen Carlson.
2 dvd's contains all 7 videos used in the online class. $49.00 for both DVDs.  Formatted to view them on your TV or on your computer.

dvd pic