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5/24/13 Deborah Cox, from Iowa
Dan, my books have arrived, they're hysterical !!! My little ones are having a ball with them !!! Can't hardly wait to see the products of these little minds and fingers, could be shocking to some of their parents...
The ideas from those two books have been a sensation, I have eight great nieces and nephews between the ages of three and nine, once every other week they come to Grant Deb (great aunt)  for a play day. I always have a project for them...clay of all sorts, beads, sewing, ceramics, paints, wood, whatever... they happened to be here the day the books arrived and the things they created are fantastic!!! Trolls with tummy-aches, pooh monsters, mummy fish, the girls were just as far out as the boys, almost too much for an old lady, but they cant wait to come back for more.
The books are a HIT here.
Thanks so much, Deb Cox



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